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(a) Qifeng International Logistics performs its service-related obligations in accordance with these terms of service, and is limited to providing relevant services to you with reasonable skills and care. There is nothing in the terms of service, which exempts or restricts death or personal damage caused by Qifeng International Logistics’ negligence, fraud or other responsible acts that cannot be exempted or restricted by applicable laws.

(b) Your use of this service is at your own risk. This service is provided on a "current" and "current" basis. Qifeng International Logistics expressly does not provide any express or implied guarantees, including but not limited to commercial marketability, applicability for specific purposes, and non-infringement of the rights of third parties.

(c) Qifeng International Logistics does not guarantee the following:

(i) This service will meet your requirements

(ii) This service is not disturbed, provided in a timely manner, safe and reliable, or free from errors

(iii) The results obtained from the use of this service are correct or reliable,

(iv) Any products, services, information or other materials you purchase or obtain through this service will meet your expectations.

(d) Whether to download or obtain any information through the use of this service should be determined by you and at your own risk. You should be fully responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data due to the download of any information before.

(e) The advice and information you obtain from Qifeng International Logistics or through this service, whether written or oral, does not constitute any guarantee that is not expressly stipulated in these terms of service.

(f) Qifeng International Logistics strives to ensure that the product information is as accurate as possible, but it cannot guarantee that the product information is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. Product supply, prices, charges, and order content may contain technical errors and typographical errors. Qifeng International Logistics is not liable for any inaccurate product information.

(g) You agree to assume all risks of using this website and/or relying on product information on this website.

(h) Qifeng International Logistics reserves the right to revise product prices, various charges, product supply and order content at any time and from time to time without prior notice, and does not bear any legal responsibility to users of this website.

(i) All products are limited in quantity, while stocks last. Qifeng International Logistics does not guarantee that the supply of goods can meet the order requirements of all customers. In any case, Qifeng International Logistics reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders at any time at its absolute discretion, refuse to provide goods and/or services or cancel any account without giving For any reason.

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