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1. Collection, accuracy and purpose of personal information

Qifeng International Logistics will collect your personal information in a legal and fair manner during its business operations. Generally speaking, the personal data collected includes but not limited to the following categories:

-Your name;

-Information required to verify your identity, including the type and number of identification documents;

-Your shipping address;

-Contact details, including email address, fixed or mobile phone number;

-Your date of birth;

-Your account information, such as bank account and other bank information, Qifeng International Logistics service usage information, and other information about your account;

-Records or audio recordings about your calling our company's hotline;

-Emails or letters sent by you to the company; other records of your contact with the company.

In order to ensure the accuracy of your personal information, Qifeng International Logistics will verify and update your relevant information in accordance with generally accepted codes and codes recommended by the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data from time to time. The collection of your personal data will generally be used to operate the business of Qifeng International Logistics and/or activities directly related to the business, including but not limited to the following purposes:

-Check your identity to provide our company's daily services;

-To handle your enquiries, suggestions and complaints;

-Conduct customer service surveys;

-Promote Qifeng International Logistics' products and services to you; and

-Plan the business of Qifeng International Logistics and improve the goods and services we provide to you;

-Participate in various promotions, competitions or sweepstakes through our company's services;

-Use or browse the company's website;

-Assist the company to prevent fraud or crime;

-Contact you when necessary;

If the customer fails to provide the relevant information, the company may not be able to provide services to the customer.


2. Disclosure and transfer of personal data

Qifeng International Logistics is committed to keeping your personal information confidential. Under normal circumstances, Qifeng International Logistics will not disclose or transfer your personal information. However, when it is necessary to transfer your personal data (for example, to our agencies and contractors, or for the purposes specified in the collection statement), the transfer process will comply with the collection statement and privacy regulations. In order to provide you with more information and services, Qifeng International Logistics will use third-party content providers and service providers, and provide links to other websites. These third parties may collect personal information about you when you use their services. These third parties comply with their own privacy policies and practices, and Qifeng International Logistics' privacy policy statement does not include such third party practices. In response to business operations, Qifeng International Logistics may transfer your personal data to mainland China from time to time, but the transfer will comply with the privacy regulations (including relevant codes, guidelines, etc.).


3. Security, retention and disposal of personal data

Qifeng International Logistics stores your personal data in its security system, and has a data privacy policy and data classification and management standards. Only authorized staff can be allowed to access such personal data without the customer's consent. Qifeng International Logistics will not release such personal information to any outside parties. As long as the customer is a registered user of Qifeng International Logistics website, Qifeng International Logistics will retain the customer's personal information. In addition, Qifeng International Logistics retains your personal data for only the time necessary to conduct its business activities and comply with statutory requirements. After that, we will ensure that your data is handled in an appropriate and safe manner in accordance with generally accepted rules.

4. Requests for access and modification of personal data

According to the privacy regulations, you have the right to determine whether Qifeng International Logistics holds your personal data, request a copy of the above personal data, and determine the personal data privacy policies and regulations of Qifeng International Logistics. If your personal information is incorrect, you have the right to request Qifeng International Logistics to make necessary changes to the relevant information.

5. Marketing

Subject to the requirements of the Privacy Policy (including relevant codes, guidelines, etc.), Qifeng International Logistics may send you direct marketing information and services from time to time. If you do not wish to receive our marketing materials anymore, please visit our website and unsubscribe from the relevant information. During the direct marketing process, we will provide an appropriate exit method. We will do our best to ensure that the privacy of our customers is properly protected. However, due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee that it can be "completely guaranteed".

6. Other matters

Qifeng International Logistics reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy statement from time to time. 

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